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Creepy vs cute @furrealitycon

i’ve been playing with sugar skulls since seeing @furrealitycon ‘s theme of Viva. A lot of them came out super creepy and I couldn’t figure out why. Then my husband bought me the art of the book of life and I figured out why. 

Other than the fact that ones in full color can you figure out why? …

It’s eyes. The secret is there has to be something representing eyes. A glow or real full eyes doesn’t matter but there has to be eyes. 

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Composing a piece part 1

step 1 – figure out what character and motion you want

Sometimes the pose picks the character. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Forcing a character to do something outside it’s nature will make the piece seem wrong at times.  
Step 2 – draw the bones. 

No I don’t mean actually draw the bones. I mean put a few circles on the page. Get a feel for if. 

Step 3 – flesh it out

Start adding in details. Physical features are important as the clothing. 

Step 4 – clothing, jewelry, etc

Add in the details. Make it pretty and don’t forget the small stuff. A tiny nose stud takes church girl to young rebel. 

See tomorrow for more bunnies on ice.