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Baby Reaper

If you were at furreality you’ve seen this post but most people haven’t because I was saving it for today. Happy Halloween 

This is done with copic marker on Bristol vellum paper. This is the first piece where I only had a white Matt board so I grabbed my copic marker refill and my rubbing alcohol and made a lavender wash for it. (Not pictured above. Sometime I’ll do a tutorial about it or a panel at a con. 

McSloth #BackToTheFuture #furryart

Back to the future was the highest grossing film of 1985 and I was 8 years old. I don’t remember seeing it in theatres but I know I saw it on my own small tv on a tv stand that is smaller than most serving trays. The same tv once nearly sent my brother to the er. I never wanted a Hoover board (after watching my dare devil older cousins repeatedly break bones). No I wanted the car with it’s suicide doors and its inaccurate time traveling abilities. It was possibly the first time anyone told me yeah now sucks but the future will be better. There will still be bullies but you’ll beat them at their own game. McSloth your gonna rock.

It’s a tad sloppy but it was a quickie on my sketch paper. It’s copic markers fire – y00, 04, 06, 15, 17, 19, yr14, 16, 18. Letters – y15, 17, 19, yr 14, 16, 18. Vest – yr14, 16, 18. Shirt b00, 04. Jean – b23, 24, 26. Shoes – w00, 01, blender. Sloth e15, 37, 30, 31, 34, w00, 0, 01, 03. For those counting that’s 23 markers for a piece less than 5×7″

Back to the future influenced so many of us kids from the 80’s or 70’s (clears throat) and even though you’re no longer part of our future you’ll always have a special place in our past.

Shading tutorial (prepared for @furrealitycon) @copicmarkers

I prepped this small tutorial to be done in under 20 min at @furreality. I promised I’d also post it so here it goes 😉

1- draw a circle 

2- pick where your light source will come from. 

3 – choose your colors. Remember, with copic markers, the numbers can help you choose. First number is saturation and second is brightness. So I chose B23 for my first color 

4- color in the entire circle. 

5- next use you middle number, which in my case is B24. Shade in most of the circle, leaving a part of the circle untouched, where the light would strike it. 

6- add in the last, and darkest color, where you’d get the least light. In my case that’s B26. 

7- finally reapply your lightess color, B23 in this pic, to smooth out any hard breaks and blend the colors. 

8- You can use the blender pen to push any bleed back into the circle and smooth out any persistent lines you don’t want. 

To see this on video visit my patreon. Video tutorials are just one of my many awesome goals. 

Refilling copic markers #art

this process took me two hours but this takes moments to explain. There are two possible ways to fill your markers. You could use the needle method to fill but this is not the way I do it. 

First I gather everything markers, refill packs, paper towels (minions aren’t required but would make this process so easier) scale, replacement nibs, and tools. 

I fill my blender pencils most often and I can’t imagine any using a color more often then blender. 

I have both sketch, square, and refill pictured above. That’s because the weights are different and that’s important for this style refill. 

First step – gather supplies. 

Second step – take off both caps

Third step – take the chisel nib out 

Use the tool and not your fingers if you don’t want to destroy your nibs and need to replace them. 

Fourth step – weight markers to see how much ink they need

Sketch weigh (on average) 9.4 grams with both lids off and chisel nib out. 

 The square markers weigh (on average) 14 grams with both tips off and chisel nib off. 

Anything below that and you might as well fill them up while you have it out. 

Fifth step – drip ink from the correct refill (and yes check to make sure cause you don’t wanna deal with the consequences of filling it with the wrong color). 

Try not to over fill cause it drops out the other end if you do. It’s slightly messy and might stain stuff (it’s why I do everything over paper towel). Don’t worry to much if you over fill. You can bleed off extra (it’ll just expensive and expensive and did I say expensive). 

If you drip on something try removing it with rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. Dark colors, red, and orange can be trickier. 

Make sure to clean your nib removal tool (tweezers) between markers. Transfer isn’t hard to bleed off (like filling with wrong color) but you might not realize you need to correct it until you’ve ruined some bit of art you’re working on. 

Good luck and have fun filling. (Oh and you might wanna have a book on tape or some music cause the more markers you have the longer this will take)