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Works in progress

I usually have more time to sketch and develop line art for pieces than to actually get them colored. I can sketch in the car, restaurant, basically where ever I have brought my pencil & paper. I have ever sketched at night in a moving vehicle by the light of street lights and memory. Coloring them takes more supplies and a larger work surface. The above pic is finished sketches I’d like to have done before October. 

Time Lapse РEtta 

Etta time lapse
I really love this commission. I love it when people bring me unconventional Furry toons. I love all the furs of course but there is a special place in my heart for all the lizards, spiders, bugs, etc… that aren’t normally considered cute. I like to bring out that inner cute and make it shine. 

Etta loves strawberries and I love drawing strawberries so we made a great pair. 

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