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New Mailing List!

In these volatile times within the various social media companies, we figured it is time for a blast from the past… an email list!

We plan on sending out no more than 1 or 2 emails a month (probably more 1 a quarter) letting you know what is new, where we will be selling, and perhaps some sale codes…

You can pop over to this page to sign up:
Mailing List Page

(Cute graphics and such to come soon)

Xmas card 2022

The battle against xmas XVIII is the title of this years holiday card. These cute animals are all set with their peppermint weapons on the ice.

The history on the war against Christmas is unfortunately very political so I will not go into any why’s and will only say it was started on Fox News in 2005 although the term was coined in 1999 by a conservative.