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Dessertimals – Ringtailed shortcake

 Ringtail Lemur attacking the whip cream on top of some strawberry shortcake. 

What style of shortcake do you like? Small disk, angel food cake, biscuit, or other? I decided to go biscuit even though I prefer angel food cake. It lets me break up the piece into layers leaving the dessert reminiscent of the lemur’s ringtail.  

Dessertimals – Moose Or Mousse

 Moose, mousse, or both? What’s really the question? Why a raspberry?

This was done with copic marker, liner, and paint pen. Raspberry because it adds the pop of color you need to make the two brown shapes stand apart. I thought about putting a chocolate curl on top but it would have made it look like a giant brown smudge from afar. 
So does the moose want the mousse or the raspberry? 



Dessertimals – Chameleon


Is this chameleon’s problem that his tongue is to sticky or is it the caramel?  

Done with copic markers and liner. It was a big question – do I make the apple green or red? Red would make it stand out. Green would make it match putting the them on equal footing. I didn’t want the apple more important than the chameleon. 

So, what’s stickier?