Kalamazoo art in the park

Kalamazoo art in the park was super fun. I love the people that come out and visit. I have some awesome new memories of people enjoying the art and that really does give me the warm and fuzzies.

Thank you everyone. I look forward to seeing y’all again.

Psst… Ann Arbor art fair is in a few more weeks. (Ahhhhhhh)

We will be on Liberty in front of the post office. Super awesome.

A Grimm Walk

Does the world of Grimm’s have dogs? Are they all scary or might some Cerberus be wiener dogs with each head a different coloration?

This Grimm is taking their dog for a pleasant walk. You’ll be able to find it at art fairs this summer. I hope you enjoy it.

Done w Copic markers on Bristol vellum paper this piece was finished May 1st and posted to my Patreon.