Shading tutorial (prepared for @furrealitycon) @copicmarkers

I prepped this small tutorial to be done in under 20 min at @furreality. I promised I’d also post it so here it goes 😉

1- draw a circle 

2- pick where your light source will come from. 

3 – choose your colors. Remember, with copic markers, the numbers can help you choose. First number is saturation and second is brightness. So I chose B23 for my first color 

4- color in the entire circle. 

5- next use you middle number, which in my case is B24. Shade in most of the circle, leaving a part of the circle untouched, where the light would strike it. 

6- add in the last, and darkest color, where you’d get the least light. In my case that’s B26. 

7- finally reapply your lightess color, B23 in this pic, to smooth out any hard breaks and blend the colors. 

8- You can use the blender pen to push any bleed back into the circle and smooth out any persistent lines you don’t want. 

To see this on video visit my patreon. Video tutorials are just one of my many awesome goals.